Many years ago a man who owned an archery shop in St. Joseph Missouri had an epiphany to redesign the compound bowstring in an effort to increase performance and reliability. He played with formulas, string construction, material and assembly. After many trials and many failures, he came up with a truly unique method for constructing a bowstring that is unlike anything in the world of archery. That man became a well-known figure and his method for string making and bow tuning became something of myth and legend.

We know him as a friend and a father by the name of Mike Carter. You may know him as Crackers, and might have heard of his world famous bow tuning process known as “Crackerizing”. His processes and methods have stood the test of time and have gained a faithful, and growing, following worldwide. His bowstrings have been custom made for bows belonging to professional archers, everyday hunters and archery enthusiasts, and celebrities alike. His “crackerizing” bow tuning process has been gaining in popularity for three decades and shows no sign of slowing down.

In 2018 Mike’s son, Matt Carter and his business partner, Rich Dennis started Phantom Custom Bowstrings using the same formula and construction as Mike. While new in name, our strings have the same quality, construction, and design as Mike’s and have been made by us for many years under his watchful eye. When you buy from us, you are buying the same type and quality of string that the Crackers line has become famous for. As time goes on, when Mike is ready to step back from day to day operations, we will begin the process of expanding from strings into all aspects of his archery business and will eventually perform all functions currently being done by Mike.

Our mission at Phantom Custom Bowstrings is very simple. We want to make the best 100% handmade custom bowstrings money can buy using the best materials on the planet at a reasonable price. We believe in treating every single customer as though they were our only customer, and when we make you a set of bowstrings we are making them as we would for our own family. Our goal is not to sell you just a string; our goal is to provide such good strings with such good service that we are the only company you will ever want to buy from. We hope that our strings become a tradition of excellence that serves you, your children, and your friends and family. We are dedicated to the concept of old fashioned business by taking pride in our product, treating our customers well, and doing the right thing.

Phantom Custom Bowstrings has a long, proud history and tradition of excellence. We want you to be a part of that history and tradition. Contact us today to see what the Phantom can do for you!