One Year Unconditional Warranty!

We stand by our product, and we stand by the people who trust us to give them the very best every day. It is our pleasure to offer a one year unconditional warranty on our strings from the date of purchase and an additional two year manufacturers warranty. Simply return your strings to us with proof of purchase and we will replace them one time free of charge. No gimmicks, no fine print, no questions asked. The happiness of our customers is our policy.

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Custom, unique bowstrings

About Phantom

Phantom Custom Bowstrings manufactures bowstrings using the best material, utilizing a method unlike any other bowstring in the world. This produces a string free of creep, peep rotation, stretching, and serving separation. When properly used, our strings will perform unlike any other bowstring in the world! We are proud of our product, and we believe you will be too.

We are happy to discuss the possibility of building you a set of custom, 100% unique strings. Contact us today at (816) 830-3451 or (816) 646-5713 to see what Phantom Custom Bowstrings can do for you.